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What Are The Different Cucumber Varieties?

The cucumber is known for being a delicious and light vegetable and there are many different cucumber varieties available. They can be used fresh from the garden to decorate and add flavor to a salad or they can be marinated in spiced vinegar and used as pickles. When it comes to cucumbers, the possibilities are endless but you can choose from the different cucumber varieties to include to your favorite dish.

The cucumber is a member of the gourd family and so is squash and muskmelon. It is a vine plant that grows by attaching itself to a trellis or fence.

Much like the squash, the cucumber plant has larger leaves that drape over the fruit when it is produced. It is a tube like vegetable and it has rough potted skin. It is eaten when it is green and unripe.

If a cucumber was allowed to sit on the vine, it would turn an orangey, yellow color and this is considered ripe fruit. By that time, the vegetable turns sour and bitter and is unappealing to taste.

Cucumbers are said to be one of the healthiest vegetables that a person can consume because they are actually 90% water.

Different kinds of cucumber varieties can be found all over the world. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from, and some even have different flavors. They can be used in all kinds of recipes and are very popular vegetables.

English Cucumber

English cucumbers are a dark green color and they are thin. They sometimes can curve around at the ends, or have the shape of a boomerang.

They have a waxy, glossy skin, and are known for not being as bitter as other types of cucumbers. This is because the plant does not contain as many seeds, which in turn, makes the cucumber sweeter. Those who have problems with flatulence will love this type of cucumber because it does not produce as much gas as cucumbers with more seeds.

Asian Cucumber

Among the cucumber varieties, Asian cucumbers are a bit smaller than most types.

They are stout and a lighter green to yellow color, with rough skin. These types of cucumbers are commonly used for pickling because they are smaller, but they can also be freshly cut and used in salads.

Armenian Cucumber

The Armenian cucumber isn’t really a cucumber at all. It is in the melon family and it has a thinner, longer shape.

The skin does not have any bumps, and it is thin and soft. The skin is light green in color and it can grow to reach 36 inches in length.

The Armenian cucumber tastes similar to a cucumber, but it resembles a squash because of the dark green color and white striping.

Persian Cucumber

Persian cucumbers are stout and thick. They have a bumpy dark green skin, but it is very glossy. They do not have a bitter flavor and the skin is a bit thin, but it tastes similar to a green skinned cucumber.

The Persian cucumber does not have many seeds. These cucumbers are also great candidates for pickling because they are smaller and only grow to reach 5 to 6 inches in length.

They can be marinated in different spices and are known for being very crunchy, even after the pickling process. They make great relish and can be used for dips.



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