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The Many Benefits Of Cucumber Juice

You won't find too many beverages based on cucumber juice on the market, unless the cucumber is included in a mix of vegetable juices. Some people like cucumber juice freshly prepared, others have to acquire the taste, and still others, and perhaps most, prefer that their cucumber juice be mixed with carrot juice or some other vegetable juice. No matter the approach, the juice of the cucumber is very healthy and provides many benefits, whether taken internally or applied externally.

The cucumber is a member of the same family as the pumpkin, the squash, and the gourd. While there are a number of species of cucumber, there are three major types, the English cucumber, the Mediterranean cucumber and the Pickling cucumber. While the juice from any of the types provides similar benefits, the English cucumbers are usually best for juicing, as not only are they relatively seedless, but generally are larger and easier to peel.

What Cucumber Juice Contains - Cucumbers are particularly rich in Vitamin A. unfortunately the same cannot be said for cucumber juice. While the juice does contain Vitamin A, most of the vitamin is located in the peel, so when a cucumber has been peeled, most of this vitamin will be lost. One can juice cucumbers that have not been peeled of course, making sure first that if store bought, the cucumbers have not been waxed. Still, there are many more benefits to be found in the juice, including Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Cucumber juice is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, and contains trace amounts of copper, silicon, sulfur, and iron.

The Many Benefits Of Cucumber Juice - What the cucumber contains most of though is water. Depending upon which source is quoted, a cucumber is somewhere between 90% and 97% water. There's still plenty of cucumber left over though to contain the nutrients mentioned above. Since so much of cucumber juice is water however, makes it one of the best natural diuretics to be found. As such, cucumber juice benefits the urinary system, including not only the kidneys and the bladder, but the liver and pancreas as well. Cucumber juice alone will not cure kidney or bladder diseases but can certainly be helpful in treating them.

Our skin also benefits from cucumber juice, whether taken orally, or applied topically. Many skin care products contain cucumber juice, or are based upon cucumber juice. Raw cucumber slices are known to be good for the skin, and are often applied over the eyes to reduce eyes strain, eye fatigue, swelling around the eyes or eyelids, as well as generally conditioning the skin. Not only the skin can benefit, but the hair and nails can as well, due to the presence of the trace minerals sulfur and silicon. Cucumber juice can certainly help keep hair and nails healthy, though whether it will make hair grow, as some have claimed, may be doubtful. The calcium in cucumber juice is obviously beneficial to our bones and teeth, while the potassium present in cucumber juice can play a role in keeping blood pressure within limits.

There is quite a list of diseases and disorders for which drinking cucumber juice is recommended as part of a treatment.  These include skin disorders, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, while the antioxidant properties of cucumbers are beneficial in minimizing the effects of arthritis, and the digestive system is also known to benefit when cucumber juice is included in the diet on a regular basis. There are more than a few places in the world where a glass of cucumber juice is taken on a daily basis. Perhaps it may work to our benefit if we were one of them. If the thought of a glass of cucumber juice doesn't appeal to you, start by trying a blend of cucumber and carrot juices. It tastes better than you may think.



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